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Patent Attorney:

Mediator Between Technology And Law

Generally, an extensive knowledge of the relevant legal rules combined with the competence to apply them to specific circumstances suffices to solve legal problems. However, intellectual property protection requires an interdisciplinary education as a "conditio sine qua non": An established technical or scientific education combined with a legal education comprising the entire spectrum of intellectual property is not only a formal qualification requirement for the profession of the patent attorney, but also a requirement for understanding the interests of the client as well as their implementation.

Only the unique professional profile of the patent attorney can ensure an understanding of highly complex innovations and make it possible, in the interests of the client, to bring together the often disparate views of technicians and scientists on the one hand and of legal practitioners on the other.

Today, intellectual property protection encompasses not only the traditional fields of technology and natural sciences, such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, physics and chemistry, but also new fields such as information and communication technology as well as biotechnology, biology, pharmaceutics and medicine. Success in intellectual property thus requires not only the versatile qualifications of the individual patent attorney but also, in the ideal case, a partnership of patent attorneys who can exchange their special expertise and supplement one other.

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